t Synergy

A Changing Woman (10ml)

A Changing Woman



A Changing Woman (A4295), to help even out the roughness and the cyclical ups and downs that some women experience at the transitional phase in their lives. A warm, herbaceous aroma. It is balancing and comforting...

Agni (Easy Digest) (10ml)

Agni (Easy Digest)



Easy Digest (4310) is a blend of the finest pure essential oils. It contains cumin, fennel, anise, and coriander, all of which support the digestive system...

Anxiety Relief Oil (10ml)

Anxiety Relief Oil



Anxiety Relief  Oil (A4000) is a dynamic synergy that encourages relief and recovery from anxious moments, worrisome times, or general uneasiness. It refreshes, balances, and strengthens. Keep a bottle handy in your purse, at your desk, and at home. Especially beneficial for a good night's..

Auto Fresh Room Spray (30ml)

Auto Fresh Room Spray



Auto Fresh Room Spray (4501) is a refreshing natural car air freshener. This is just the eye-opener you need to relieve mental fatigue at work, or while studying or driving. A few drops applied to the temples will help refresh and restore mental alertness. Mist the inside of your car to rel..

Avalambaka Kapha (10ml)

Avalambaka Kapha (Synergy)



Avalambaka Kapha (89406)  is for use in connection with Nila, Manya and Sira Matrika marma points, located in the throat area. Nila is called 'blue', the name derives from the blue translucent neck veins. But the throat chakra, that is controlled by Nila, is also described having a blue au..

Childhood Dreams (10ml)

Childhood Dreams (10 ml)



Childhood Dreams (4070), with its light, herbaceous and delicately sweet aroma, is a light hearted combination that sweetly disguises the medicinal qualities of eucalyptus while acting as an aromatic lullaby especially for little ones. This cheery synergy supports the immune system, and also helps t..

Clarity (10ml)

Clarity Blend



Clarity Blend (4255) is a must whenever mental alertness is needed as it promotes concentration and focus. Stimulates without causing nervousness. Perfect for studying or working late. Use in a diffuser or personal inhaler stick. Fresh, bright and herbaceous aroma...

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