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Geranium Organic Hydrolat (500ml)

Geranium Organic Hydrolat



Geranium Organic Hydrolat, Pelargonium asperum (5201). Geranium hydrosol is a marvellous tonic for everyone because of its adaptogenic quality, and is suitable for all skin types. It attracts moisture and holds it into the skin and it can be sprayed directly onto the face to refresh and re..

Gingerlily (Butterflylily) Hydrolat (200ml)

Butterfly Gingerlily Hydrolat



Gingerlily (Butterflylily) Hydrolat, Hedychium coronarium Koenig (5204). This is a pure natural therapeutic quality hydrosol from Taiwan. All our hydrosols (hydrolats) are the pure and simple product from steam distillation. They do not contain alcohol or preservati..

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