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Lavender Stoechas Organic (10ml)

Lavender Stoechas Organic



Lavender Stoechas Organic, Lavandula stoechas (1920) (also known as Stoke Lavender, Spanish Lavender). Lavender Stoechas is a 'ketonic' variety of lavender, which is to say that the essential oil has a high concentration of ketones. Ketonic oils are mucolytic but s..

Myrtle (Lemon Myrtle) (30ml)

Myrtle (Lemon Myrtle)



Lemon Myrtle, Backhousia citriodora (2184). Lemon Myrtle has a very high concentration of citrals, which can be irritating on the skin so dilute well if they are being used in this way and avoid getting them on the mucus membranes. Having said that, this is another strongly anti-funga..

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