t Aromatherapy

Angelica root organic (1ml)

Angelica root organic



Angelica Root Organic, Angelica archangelica (1060). This is a pure therapeutic-quality certified organic aromatherapy essential oil from France, and is obtained from the roots of the plant...

Bitter Orange Organic (10ml)

Bitter Orange Organic



Bitter Orange Organic, Citrus aurantium (2510). Bitter Orange has a fresh, slightly sweet aroma. An antiseptic and strong support for the digestive and respiratory systems, it also has a softening, regenerative effect on the skin, and in fact is good for all skin types. Its detoxifying pro..

Eucalyptus dives (10ml)

Eucalyptus dives



Eucalyptus Dives, Eucalyptus dives (1420) (also known as Eucalyptus Peppermint) has a fresh, minty, camphory aroma which is very alive and strong, almost like a blend of peppermint and camphor. It is good for a stimulating athletic rubdown, and is also a clearing oil to support the re..

Fresh Breath (10ml)

Fresh Breath



Fresh Breath (or Prana Fresh) (4276) has a light, sweet yet penetrating aroma, which will make you want to fill your lungs deeply with the joy and essence of life. Tune in to nature, for breath is life.This blend is intended for use in a diffuser, aromatherapy inhaler stick or inhalation patch...

Genito Urinary care (10ml)

Genito Urinary care



Genito Urinary care (A4297) is a blend of the finest pure essential oils. It contains tea-tree, manuka, and lavender highland.This blend is intended for use in a diffuser, aromatherapy inhaler stick or inhalation patch...

Gurjum Balm (10ml)

Gurjum Balm



Gurjum  Balm, Dipterocarpus turbinatus (1540) is a pure therapeutic-quality aromatherapy essential oil produced using wild-crafted plants and traditional methods from Indonesia, and is obtained from the resin...

Lavender Highland superior, wild organic (10ml)

Lavender Highland superior, wild organic



Lavender Highland Superior, Wild Organic, Lavandula angustifolia (1930). With the passage of time, high altitude lavender growing wild in Provence has become relatively rare. Wild plants always have a unique quality, and the lavender that grows at high altitude is always the 'supreme' Lave..

Lavender Maillette Organic (10ml)

Lavender Maillette Organic



Lavender Maillette Organic, Lavandula angustifolia (1901) is an excellent 'all-purpose' Lavender for general therapeutic use. It is propagated by cloning, which gives predictability in the genetic makeup of the plant and characteristics of the oil. This is a pure th..

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